Winslow asked if Larry Adler's Gershwin Tribute CD was showing up in 
     any stores.  About three months ago, a music critic in Manila received 
     a copy to review (he didn't).  I was surprised to find several copies 
     on a sale table at the Taiwan Harmonica Competition 3 weeks ago.  How 
     odd for an harmonica album to show up here when it is so scarce in the 
     From the harp's point of view, the CD is a bit disappointing:  Larry 
     doesn't play very much (noodles here and there and maybe a chorus of 
     solo), except for the Rhapsody in Blue, which is available on another 
     CD.  The focus of the album is on the singers, many of whom have never 
     been heard singing such material.  I was interested to hear the rock 
     stars do such a good job with the material.  I doubt, however, that 
     I'll listen to the CD very often (I do, however, listen to his other 
     CDs all the time).

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