Re: CD Pressing?

At  2:23 PM 11/17/94 -0500, elliott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Hey Harpers,
>Just wondering if anyone on the HARP-L has put out their own CD.
>My blues band is going to do a CD project to have something to sell
>at gigs and to have a more impressive demo.

My band is going through this process as well.

>Any experiences would be welcome.  We'd like to press around 500 as
>cheaply as possible.

Somewhere I have a catalogue from an outfit in Austin, TX.  I think it's at
my bass players house right now, I'll dig it out tonight.

<From memory, for 500 disks they;ll run you ...

$700 for two color, with single sheet, single side fixed insert.
up to
$1700 for full color, multiple sheet pullout booklet insert.

They use industry standard jewel boxes, although for a small saving you can
go for cheapo cardboard ones.

The thing I like is their art and graphics service.  You can either give
them camera ready artwork, or just ideas, sketches etc and they'll lay it
all up for you.  Their catalogue is full of examples of real stuff they've
created for people, and they look damn good.

They also UPS you a test master CD with artwork for approval before they
roll presses.

The studio I go to uses them a lot and sez they are great to deal with.

All I need to do now is find out just who the hell they are!  Talk at ya
soon ...

>Elliott New

   -- hugh

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