Re: 62 Princeton (was amp mics)

        Date: Tue, 15 Nov 94 11:42:05 PST
        From: clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject: Re:  62 Princeton (was amp mics)
        Also, if you're after a small amp, try a Champ.  They sound really fat
        if you mic it and run it through the front end too!


I'll second that recommendation.  The Champ is a serious, ballsy
little amp (miked, direct, or both), it's an effective personal
monitor right at your back (especially when you're playing with
horns -- I usually put it on a chair and tilt it back a taste),
it's got sufficient storage space for mike, cords, and harps, and
it's great loading out from a casual gig at 2:30am and being able
to just toss everything you got into the back seat of a small car
with one hand. :)  B*

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