Boston Harp Fun

Some help, please. I will be at the Boston Sheraton (Back Bay) from next Wed.
Nov. 16 to Monday Nov. 21. Does anyone have any suggestions where I could hear
some harp or other music performances or perhaps even a decent jam. I know
there are many great player players in the area, Pierre Bouregard, Jerry
Portnoy, Sugar Ray Norcia, Magic Dick, Mike Turk ?, and Kim Field who I
believe is on this list. It has been years since I have visited Boston but I
remember it being a good music town. I would love to learn more about Pierre's
custom made/tuned harmonicas. I haven't seen Jerry or Ray in several years and
Jerry may be still on tour with Clapton (Jerry what a gig) and Ray's with his
current band which I am forgetting the name of at the moment. Any help here
you could send directly to my Internet below address if you don't want to put
it out to harp-l. Thanks and hope to here from somebody before next Wed.

cwilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Charlie Williams, Clarksville, MD)
aka Choo Choo Charlie - Disclaimer "all opinions are my own".

Other info.

I have really been enjoying the music theory thread (Easy guys) and some of
the worst gig stories were really funny. I have learned more about acid jazz
then I will ever need to know-heck I never even knew there was such a music.
Is there acid bluegrass music - ie the Orange Micro Dot Blossom Special?

I actually have a worst gig but it is not funny and pretty depressing to tell.
Just part of life and there is enough depressing news already. I guess that's
why they call it the blues and maybe it helps you play better. Maybe later on

I didn't see the TNN show as I choose not to get cable but the harp players
could have possibly been Kirk Morton or Terry McMillan.

My better half also presented me for my Birthday 2 recent Toots Thielman CD's.
One was recorded in Germany in 1992 with just a piano player (need to listen
to some more) and the other which is great is his Brazilian project-this one
is terrific and was recorded in NYC, LA and Brazil using mostly Brazilian
singer songwriters and musicians with a few special exceptions like David
Gruisin on keyboard and Pat Metheny on guitar.
Toots is definitely the lead instrument throughout playing entirely on his
Mellow Tone Chromatic (highly recommended if you like that style of music).

Was great to see some of our harp list members at the recent DC Blues Society
monthly jam (more like a spasm), Steve and Randy (first Sunday of the month at
a place called Food for Thought in Wash DC from 4-8pm). Judging from the
hygiene in this place the name really fits - "food for thought" - like think
twice before taking the risk eating their grub.

P.S.- Thanks Steve for letting me try your Joe Fillisko Marine Band. A real
nice harp (not necessarily great for me) and I am not sure it is worth to me
the extra cost-ie the price of 3 1/2 regular Marine Bands. I can overblow some
of my own Marine Bands and other models alot easier. I did like how the wood
comb was treated and the nut and bolt for the cover plates. Sometimes though I
like the rough distinct feel I get when the wood comb swells and protrudes
from playing.

I also recently purchased two Hohner Big River harps-plastic comb in A & G
from Farrell. Actually I am surprised how much I like them them so far - easy
to take apart and work on (German made) and under $10 per harp :-) but
available only in 6 keys and no replacement reeds as yet :-(. The G has lots
of volume.

Thanks for listening.

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