RE: who was that masked man....

Harv writes...

>Channel surfing last night around 8:30 pm CST

>I fell upon TNN last night which had a harp player backing up Suzie Boggus and 
>Chet Aitkins (I love this guy; think it's great she's done an album with him).  
>Lots of close-ups of this guy, but no names, or maybe I just missed it).  He 
played a Special Twenty cupped away from a Shure 58-like microphone (not 
Chicago style).

Harv, I don't know either - just wanted to say I caught some of this too. When 
I was surfing Chet caught my eye (ear) so I stayed and was pleased to hear the 
harp. He sounded pretty good. Bet we get an answer within 24.

>:-)  God, I love this list. Really.

Me too!!!!!

       Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --New Addr--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. - To you music Gurus. Don't stop with the tech talk - I don't understand 
most of it but some of it's bound to sink in - isn't it? I hope, please. :-)
Actually some of this stuff I save and use for reference - I still have 
someone's neat circle of fifths explanation pasted on my wall.

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