who was that masked man....

Channel surfing last night around 8:30 pm CST in between Dennis
Miller/Robyn Williams on PC and Rush Limbaugh (sp?) gloating over the 104th
(how's that for getting both sides of the spectrum), I fell upon TNN last
night which had a harp player backing up Suzie Boggus and Chet Aitkins (I
love this guy; think it's great she's done an album with him).  Lots of
close-ups of this guy, but no names, or maybe I just missed it).  He played
a Special Twenty cupped away from a Shure 58-like microphone (not Chicago
style). I think he goes to the same barber as Tim ;-). Anybody have a clue
who he is?  This is the biggest boob-tube exposure I've heard about for a
harp player, save Popper-meister a week or so ago on Letterman (missed it).

PS -- can someone catch me off-line on this 'gif' thing.  I tried to get
something on Adobe Photoshop, 256 gray scale, 4x6 photo, 100 dpi, pict to
jpeg, and it grew to 170 KB, but looked like pretty poor quality  I see the
others use less space, but look pretty good. Oh yeah, sorry about the 'acid
jazz' post, my 'reply all' button got stuck again.  Music theoriticians
have fun.  George KOed me in the 10th and I ain't gettin' back in the ring.
:-)  God, I love this list. Really.

Harv       haandruss@xxxxxxx - opinions my own,
           toasted, but still smokin' (not inhaling though...)
           attempts at levity not showing up on my resume either

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