Re: Jump Blues

On Wed, 9 Nov 1994, Ben Majchrzak wrote:

> Randy mentioned his jump blues band. . .
> I haven't been around long on Harp-L, and I'm a bit shy about expressing
> thoughts around all you harp gurus.  I'm a college student in Chicago, and
> I have a band that needs direction.  I've tried to convince them that this
> campus could use a really rowdy jump blues band.  Are there any disks out
> there with harp players who are not necessarily masters of technique and
> perfect tone, but play with intensity and soulful gusto without sounding
> like mush?  The only band I can think of is Chickasaw Mudd Puppies.  I also
> hear the Crawdaddys are good, but I haven't found their disks anywhere.
> Any Suggestions?

 My suggestions, if you're looking for the jump sound with a harp player, 
would be Rod Piazza, James Harman (although he does a bit of everything) 
, Little Charlie and the Nightcats and William Clarke. You should be able 
to find stuff from all these folks at a good music store in Chicago.

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