The following is posted for all, and for George Miklas in particular:

Hey George, 

I appreciate your responding to my post regarding minor keys and
tunings, and I am always open for criticism and correction.

However, I stand by each and every statement in my post, because they were
all made using the relative major scale as reference.  As such, an Eb in a C
triad, or a C chord, always has been, and always will be, considered a
flatted 3rd.  This may be an elementary concept of theory in your view, but
it is an accepted method of teaching the relationships to the uninitiated.

An indepth discussion of advanced music theory would probably not be welcomed
here on the net, and would be a waste of time and space.  So  lighten up,
George, and get back to the basics of music theory.  

BassHarp (Danny Wilson)

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