Rosco Selley & Blues Controversy

I don't know if its bad taste to do promotions on Harp-L, but . . .
There's a harp player from the Mid-Michigan area that deserves a listen to.
His name is Ron "Rosco" Selley and he plays with a six-piece band called
Blues Controversy.  They have recently produced their own CD with 10 cuts
called "1 B.C.  All Shades of the Blues".    I have been fortunate enough
to become pretty good friends with him and I have to say he is really an
exciting harp player.   On the album, Ron does a lot of overblowing, jazzy
horn parts, and has a 9 minute tribute to great harp players as the last
track (which he sings and plays harp in about 6 different positions).  I
don't do justice to his playing with my limited expertise.  But he's very
proud of his CD, and I think its one of the best new blues albums I've
heard in a long time.  I never tire of it.   They have a wicked lady on
vocals too.

If you're interested in a disk, for only $10, I'm sure Ron would be happy
to ship one out to you.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  Cross my

If you want the address or phone number, give me a personal e-mail saying
so.  Hope to hear from you all.

Ben Majchrzak
Northwestern University
Evanston, Il.

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