Jump Blues

Randy mentioned his jump blues band. . .
I haven't been around long on Harp-L, and I'm a bit shy about expressing
thoughts around all you harp gurus.  I'm a college student in Chicago, and
I have a band that needs direction.  I've tried to convince them that this
campus could use a really rowdy jump blues band.  Are there any disks out
there with harp players who are not necessarily masters of technique and
perfect tone, but play with intensity and soulful gusto without sounding
like mush?  The only band I can think of is Chickasaw Mudd Puppies.  I also
hear the Crawdaddys are good, but I haven't found their disks anywhere.
Any Suggestions?

<From the Windy City (where winter is really starting to blow)

Ben Majchrzak

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