RE: Worst Gig

Well my worst gig happened about a year ago.  It was one of those show 
where the band leader didn't tell you about it until that afternoon.  I 
was already out of town and my dad was desperately searching for me when 
he finally got a hold of me I was at my girlfriends place about 80 miles 
away from the gig.  I had not about the gig so I had made alternate 
plans.  But since I had a commitment to the band and my father had told 
them that I would be there I would be there. So here it is about seven 
o'clock and the show starts a nine, I only had a vague idea of where the 
bar was at.  So I drove as fast as  my four banger would take me, and low 
and behold,  five minutes before the show I got there ready to play.

The only problem was I had an excruciating headache and didn't have  have 
any asprin.  The guitarist's wife was pregnant at the time and happend to 
be about due so I figured she'd have some sort of analgesic.  Yep,  tylenol.

She asked how many I normally take,  gimmie five I said.  Five go down my 
throat and without another thought the show goes on.   After the third or 
fourth song I started getting this tunnel vision  thing going and my 
playing got raelly sloppy.  But I made it through the first set.  After 
the set I had to sit down and all of a sudden I feel asleep.  the guys 
kept trying to to keep me awake but it just wasn't working.  turned out I 
was given five tylenol pm the stuff that makes you sleep.  

Well some how I woke up and it was the middle of the second set wearil;y 
I walked back on the stage to play some more,  I was so far gone I 
couldn't take any leads.  Just then our lead guityarist's wife goes into 
labor,  so he jumps  off the stage to rush her to the hospital.  So that 
left me with all the lead duties.  I don't remember much since I'm told i 
passed out after the second set and the drummer had to bring me home 
after the show.

-Chris Michalek

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