Re: Worst Gig Awards

Cathi et al.,
	Talked to my son who is working on his Masters in Music at Cal. St.
Univ., Long Beach and told him your story about the "performing" music profs.
He thought it was pretty funny and more or less typical of a lot of that genre
that he has encountered over the years that are more or less better at theory
rather than performing, etc.  He understands very well your dilemma then as he
was lead guitar player in a band late while he was in high school and early on
in college.  Couldn't stand playing in rowdy bars or band politics and soon
took up the piano and changed his major from physics/microelectronics to music,
and the rest (as they say) is history.  His goal is to get his Ph. D. in music
(can you believe it, another music prof.?) and teach at some univ. or college.
However, in his case, he can play at least two instruments well, in addition to
knowing theoretical stuff.

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