Re: Worst Gig Awards

I've loved all the "worst gig" posts.  Makes my gig that "the wasted biker
gang decided to show up (at yet another our our gigs) and see how loud their 
bikes could sound over the band and how many bottles they could break over 
their head by our guitarist and 'we don't care if a thunderstorm just 
drenched all your equipment--we want to hear Freebird NOW!' makes our band 
story sound trivial!  But I do have a contestant for "Real embarrassing gig"
that happened last summer at the Montgomery County, MD Music Festival:

About 15 minutes before showtime (at an outdoor stage in a park with
people on a sloped lawn in front of the stage), Will (guitarist) and I 
needed to change into our "gig clothes".  The port-a-john was REAL far away 
and REAL dirty (so I heard) so we decided to change in the little storage 
room directly behind the band.  Will stood outside the door while I changed 
(it was stifling hot in there!).  After I changed I needed to do my make-up 
so I told him I would turn around while he changed across the room.  About 
that time, RT (guitarist) knocked on the door (he needed to change too) so 
I let him in and closed the door.  Will said "you just locked us in" and I 
didn't think anything of it until I gathered my makeup then tried to open 
the door.  It DID lock from the inside!!!  (I never heard of such a thing.)  
Knocking didn't help because no one was outside the door.  There was another 
locked door going out to the stage and the knob was missing so there was a 
hole.  I looked out at the crowd (3 minutes to showtime!) and began yelling 
for Rex (drummer) who was only a few feet away.  But Rex had decided to jam 
on his new Roland electronic drumset so he couldn't hear the yells as Will 
and I were scrunched together yelling through this little hole! (I wonder 
how many people saw two pairs of lips yelling though the hole?)  RT was 
still getting dressed behind us.  We saw Mike (roadie) about 50 feet 
directly ahead sitting at the lightboard.  One loud "MMIIIKKEEEE" got his 
attention (he saw our little eyeballs peeping through the hole).  It was 
quite a site to see me and Will and RT (still buttoning his pants) walking 
out the side door around to the stage.  Really embarrassing!  With only a 
minute to spare! 

The band teased me all week.

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