Re: Worst Gig

	Reading Norberts worst gig, reminded me of something.
Not a gig that happened to me, but one I was at.

A local pub, booked a REALLY good Dixie jazz band, I like Dixie, so
off I go.

They were FINE. At half time Bob, a regular in the pub, who had just
been left some cash in a will, goes to the band leader.

"Your trumpet player has been blowing in me bloody ear all night".
"How much did Jack (the landlord) pay you"?

Band leader, "Twenty pounds, why"?

Bob, "If I give you another twenty, will you all pack up an f**k off"?

Leader, (taken aback), has a word with the lads.

Leader, "They say yes". Twenty pounds changes hands. The Jack is going
*wild* but to no avail, they've just got two nights money in a half set.

They disappear never to be seen again. It was quite funny to see, but I
would have been *most* offended. I guess I don't do it for the cash.
(Which is just as well really). :-)


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