Re: Babysitter

On Tue, 8 Nov 1994, Tim Moody wrote:

> : You got it. I'm the "designated adult" in my band and one of my chief 
> :jobs is making sure the guitarist doesn't get too wasted to play. You can 
> Yasiree, that's me too, in my band. I call it "babysitting". I always tell
> 'em, "Look, if I have to babysit you all fu__in' night you're gonna change
> your own diapers!" Something like that sometimes sets them thinking, other
> time pisses 'em off. I figure if I ewant to have a band I have to do some of
> that. 
> PS Randy, is it your band?

  Hmm. Not really. I'm the business guy - I do all the bookings, put out 
the newsletter, do promotions, etc. - but the guitarist is really the 
music decision-maker, and the piano player is the person who gives our 
band its real sound (not to knock my harp playing, but hey, at the last 
gig, people gathered around the piano player to watch her hands fly).

 I've thought about going out on my own and forming a new band, 
especially because I'd like to sing a lot more and because (what the hey) 
I have an ego. However, I really like my co-members, who will never play out 
without me because they can't do the organizational work. I also like the 
feeling that we're a real band, not a front person who's picked up some 
musicians for a gig (an annoying and persistent event in the DC area, IMHO).
 Still, I played at a jam recently where I got to do some slow George 
Smith stuff, and my band (a jump blues outfit) steadfastly refuses to do 
that sort of thing.

 The solution: Give up my day job and form two bands! Yeah, that'll work.

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