Re: Worst Gig (fwd)

>  There is the time my other band opened for 
> the Texas Tornadoes and the guitar player freaked out and played wrong 
> chords for all 45 minutes of our only set.  200 miles from nowhere on the 
> White Mtn. Apache reservation. Hey there's a theme here. Guitar players.     

 You got it. I'm the "designated adult" in my band and one of my chief 
jobs is making sure the guitarist doesn't get too wasted to play. You can 
always tell when he starts reaching the Cliff of Doom in this area...he 
starts greeting everyone personally between songs. "Hi to you, and you, 
and you, and you!" he shouts as I yell at him, "Shut up and play another 
song!" We're just one big, dysfunctional family.

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