Worst gig.

  My worst gig was playing at a dance for teenagers sponsored by the 
local parish.  The parish pays for a DJ to play in the school's gym once 
a month and the neighborhood kids are invited to come, and they get large 
crowds of kids. 

  Anyway the organizers thought that it would be great if our band played 
for a hour during the middle of the evening, since some of our members 
were part of the parish.  That was fine with us, as a favor to the 

  The evening came and we set up on stage behind a curtain.  When it was
time, we heard the dance music go off, which was followed by loud screams
of "Ohhhh, No!"  We all looked at each other and started to sweat.  The DJ
gave us a nice intro, and then the curtain went up.  We looked out and all
the kids disappeared to the very back and sides of the gym.  Absolutely
nobody seemed to be paying attention.  I figured that even if I were there
for dance music, I'd be at least SOMEWHAT curious about the live band, but
not these kids.  We got our set going, but during it we slipped out a
number a songs, just to get the whole damned thing over with. 

  After the curtain fell, the dance music started up again, and 
magically, the place was packed with dancers again.  The ironic thing is 
that church gig paid us better than any of the clubs we had been in, and 
we were pretty happy about that.


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