Worst Gig Awards

Hi All,
	I tried to send this last week, but I fear our mainframe misfired, 
again!  I'm gonna try one more time.  I thoroughly enjoyed and laughed out loud
at the Worst Gig stories last week and chosen among them the best of for awards
as follows"

Randy Lilleston - The Eternal Flame Award

Rick Barker - The Most Menacing and Potentially Life Threatening Award

Cathi Norton - The Music Professors Without Soul Award

Hugh Messenger - The Thank God For Alcohol Award

Jack Ely -  I Walked On Stage Naked/Worst Nightmare Award

	I dunno which gets the overall best award but as a Biology Prof., I can
only say I am ashamed and embarrased by those music profs.  I probably should
give them the Anal Retentive Award and tell them to flow with the music.  But
then, they probably don't know how to improvise!
Bill Grogan

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