Re: Worst Gig

At  1:18 PM 11/7/94 -0500, Cathi Norton wrote:
>Hugh -- your "worst gig" story made me laugh.

And I swear it is true - except maybe the colour of Davids socks (although
he definitely had odd ones).

>It's the worst when you know you played a terrible gig (for whatever
>reason) and someone and/or the crowd tells you it was wonderful.

For me it's a toss up between that and knowing that you played sublimely,
that you just excelled yourself, the whole band hit that groove and y'all
played better than ever before.  Then someone comes up and says "the band
is a bit off tonight - what's the problem?".

Or like Saturday night - I was moved by the muse and blew some of the best
harp I've ever played during the first set.  At the break, a bunch of
people told me "you can't hear the harp at all out here".

>But no...pick up the axe, drive home, go to bed, start all over



   -- hugh

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