Re: Acid Jazz

>Anyone out there know of any harp players/harp tracks in the style of
>Acid Jazz, Fusion or Funk.  I have to learn some licks in a few weeks,
>and I haven't a clue where to start.  Any help is much appreciated.

One more thought, I've heard this new "G. Love and Special Sauce". Not a
whole lot of harmonica, and what's there is pretty cut and dried
(diatonic), but I like some things about their feel -- kind of a like delta
Blues Muzick meets Philly Soul, mutated into a slow Rap thang. Close, but
no cigar?  Chris Smith triesvfusion, but is wimpy.  Seems to be a market
void here (Rick, I still don't see any of this at the Megamall either ;-).
Maybe Kim's the one to fill it? Stay with James Brown and Maceo and you'll
be alright.  Good luck.

Harv       haandruss@xxxxxxx - opinions my own

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