Re: Madison Slim?

>he had a bad attitude
>and really rubbed me the wrong way...

Interesting you should mention that, Chris.  The time he came out to one of
my gigs (which was a jam that my band hosted, so there was no issue as to
whether he would play), I kinda got the same feel.  The two guys he was
with are notorious buttheads, though, so I guess I just attributed his
attitude to being with them.  But they ALL wanted to work that "I play with
Jimmy Rogers" crap and use that to play the aloof "I'm a superstar
descended from on high to grace you with my presence."  (Despite the fact
that the other two DON'T play with Jimmy; they play with Sam Lay.)

Despite any personal crap, Slim was a very good player from what I recall.

Oh well...  it's always nice to hear that other people had the same impression!

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