The Cooler Kings review

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The Cooler Kings
Looks Like Trouble
Slippery Noodle Sound SNS0003

Indiana has the blues and you can hear some of the best they
have to offer with this CD. The Cooler Kings are a straight up blues
band that's not only cool, they're red hot. With Stuart Norton on harp
and vocals the band couldn't go wrong. This guy not only blows a mean harp,
he can sing a mean blues too. The opener, Hey Now Baby, has Stuart laying
out a real swingin' groove right from the start, and what a harp sound.
The stops in the middle show you on the first song that this is a tight band.
C'mon Baby is the next cut with plenty of harp riffs for us to practice on.
Stuart lays 'em out one after another in a medium shuffle that's right
up my alley. The absence of harp from Cold Hearted Woman and I've Got Love
left me a little chilly but what would you expect from me. Mean Mouth Woman
is some low down Roadhouse blues, with Stuart tellin it like it is, harp
and all. The only cover on here, Kokomo Blues, is done real nice in a country
groove that's non-stop. With Stuart on harp, guitarist Gordon Bonham really
plays it up. The next four songs are harp-less, which will please those
non-harpophiles, but left me wanting. Homeless Man is a acoustic number that
has a real good nineties feel. The steel guitar is a nice mix with Stuarts
harp licks and the whole song has a good feel for such a sad song. The last
two song are also harpless, which as most of you MS readers know knocks on
the coveted rating a little. We gave it eight holes. Three more than we would
have given had it not been such a great straight-up blues release. After all,
we need to have more than five songs with harp. The rest are great practice
anyway and I found a lot to play to. Give it a try.
Slippery Noodle Sound
372 South Meridian St
Indianapolis Indiana  46225
(317) 631-6974

* All harp in second position
1. Hey Now Baby         C Harp
2. C'mon Baby           A Harp
3. Cold Hearted Woman   NONE
4. I've Got Love        NONE
5. Mean Mouthed Woman   A Harp
6. Kokomo Blues         C Harp
7. What's The Matter    NONE
8. Blue Lights Flashing NONE
9. Just Too Good        NONE
10.Looks Like Trouble   NONE
11.Homeless Man         Db Harp
12.Trust Me             NONE
13.Same Old Blues       NONE

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