Re: playing without hands

On Fri, 4 Nov 1994, Richard Owen wrote:
> | I have a video of Sonny Boy Williamson II(Rice Miller) playing the same
> | lick over and over again, he then slips the harp into his mouth playing the
> | same lick and doesn't miss a beat. He then pops it out again, and again,
> | doesn't miss a beat. While it's in his mouth, it slides in and out
> | length-wise.
> How does one get a single note using this method?
> +Richard
	Ok... here's my method in more detail.  The harp goes in my mouth 
with the holes facing right, the harp slants down and to the left.  My 
tongue grips the face of the harp, and in coordination with my lips, 
wiggles it back and forth.  When you blow, you can release the grip on 
the harp, and it'll naturally slide out, but watch out, you can 
accidentally shoot it into your lap (or the person next to you) if you're 
not experienced.  On the draws, you can let it naturally move in, with 
more control, IMHO.  It's a trick move, with no real purpose, except if 
you used it to play two harps, break dance, do hand-stands.  Then it 
would be worthwhile.. :)  I could do some decent riffs on it, though I 
haven't tried it in a while.  In my opinion, it's several notches better 
than soaking your harp, but it playing the normal way is.. well.. 
normal.  You can bend if you work at it for a little while, you may even 
be able to immediately.

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