Re: Madison Slim?

> >I saw the Jimmy Rogers band on Saturday night.  The harp player was
> >'Madison Slim'.  Marine Bands/Kevin's Crystal Ball/Fender Reverb.  Does anyone
> >know anything about him?

Yeah he's the brother of a music friend of mine in Minneapolis.  About three 
weeks ago I was introduced to him a one of the local jams.  From what I 
heard he was a decent "Chicago" style player.  But he had a bad attitude
and really rubbed me the wrong way...

	It was the begining of the 3rd set and he hadn't even heard me 
play. He came up to me a said "Let me show you how to play that thing!" 
And Grabbed my mic out of my hand.  I grabbed it back a said "Who the 
hell are you?"  "I'm Slim, and I play with the Jimmy Rodgers band from 
Chicago" Even though I had heard of the Jimmy Rodgers band I said"Who the 
hell is Jimmy Rodgers and why does the fact that you play with him make 
you special?"  This is all going on in the middle of the first tune mind 
you... Slim is giving me this really frustrated look  "Well who do you 
play with?" I said nobody really and then he grabbed the mic out of my 
hand just in time to blow a harp solo.  I let him finish and then 
promptly unplugged my amp.  After that song and the two beers he bought 
me, we agreed on an every few tunes arangement. I only did get to play 
one tune and Slim didn't like my style because he kept calling me Kenny G.

So that's my experience with Madison Slim...

-Chris Michalek 

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