Re: MadCat

At  4:03 PM 11/3/94 -0400, Jack Ely wrote:
>    I was surprised to get a call at work from Peter MadCat Ruth. He
>    wanted me to inform the Columbus area harpers that MadCat and Kane
>    will be featured on WCBE-FM radio (90.5) Sunday, November 13, 1994
>    at 8:00 P.M.

I was lucky enough to be staying at Madcat's house when the first two test
masters of his "Madcat and Kane" tape arrived.  Not only did he show me a
bunch of the licks he uses, but he signed one of the tapes ("At last you
got something before Norman did, sincerely Madcat") and gave it to me,
along with a stack of his 'music for kids' tapes.

For anyone who hasn't heard these two together - check 'em out!  Madcat is
not only one of the finest players around, he is one of the most genuinely
nice human beings it has been my pleasure to meet.  He also has the most
*adorable* little girl - I still have a photograph in my gig case of her
standing there playing harmonica (at age 3).

   -- hugh

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