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I generally lurk on this list, but I wanted to mention that this 
performance was recorded at the Pocono Blues Festival near Blakeslee PA 
this past summer and the set was fantastic. There should also be a set by 
Eddie Burks in the near future (Blues Stage recorded the first stage/both 
days). Sugar Blue also put on an awe inspiring set that, unfortunately, 
was on the second stage.

Peter also gave a harp workshop that was elbows-to-assholes.

Anyone interested in getting booking info or interested in attending next 
years festival (one of the best blues fests in the Northeast US IMHO) 
should drop me a post. The festival is the last weekend of July and this 
one past had 7 topnotch national acts on 2 stages for 2 days. The setting 
is beautiful (it's a ski resort called Big Boulder), the staff is 
professional and courteous, and the promoter is a huge fan of the blues. 
If you perform straight-ahead blues (or know anyone that does) I would 
recommend trying for a date.

Dan the Music Guy
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