Re: playing without hands

	I've become decent at this, although I haven't tried in it quite 
a while.  I could do mostly descending licks, you have to use the suction 
of your mouth, and your tongue to move it in and out.  I find it works 
_much_ better (or at least easier) with a Special 20.  It's bad for your 
harps in my opinion, they get really wet in and out when they're inside 
your mouth.  You also don't get good tone...

On Fri, 4 Nov 1994, B.G.deBoer wrote:

> Can anybody give me some hints on how to play the harp using only your mouth to
> support it? I keep on reading these stories about people sticking a harp in their
> mouths and playing it without hands. No matter what I try, I just can't do it. 
> Even when tongue blocking I can only play either the lowest or the highest hole of
> the part of the harp that is in my mouth clearly. For the rest I can only play 
> chords. What do I have to do? Play with two tongues? :-B (Face with two tongues)
> As for sticking the harp in your mouth like a cigar and then playing it (there is
> a story about a guy in Kim Field's book HH&HB doing just that and playing the gui-
> tar as well) I can hardly believe that is possible.
> Any ideas?

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