hey you, out there in the dark...

first, i want to thank you all who have answered my mail from
yesterday, subject: harp brands, old subject ~8-)
keep on writing to me...

i also found my lost mail, it was in my HOME-dir. (who looks there?
~8-), sorry).

now to my question. it's about playing in different keys. what exactly
does it mean. ok, i can believe that if two musicians are playing in
different keys, it will sound yucky. (i have got a weak feeling for
what a key is, VERY weak). but if one musician, playing one instrument,
plays a song, written for one key, in a different key, what will the
result be? different tone-level? how does scales fit in.

why do i bring this up? well, i play to myself. i DONT WANT TO play
with others, this is something i do by myself (kind of mastur.. forget
it by the way ~8-)). maybe i will change my mind, but thats another
story. if i do, i do. 

so maybe, if i only play to myself, i can give the f..k about keys. for
instance, i play 'when the saints' on my A-harp just as if it was a
C-harp, i cant hear the differense. it sounds good to me.

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