Re: Worst Gig

There are several that come to mind including the time a horse(with rider)
came on stage and crunched a mic stand(true story) but the following stands
out in my mind:

Awile back, me & the boys had a regular Thu-Sat gig at this semi-dive. One
Saturday night, th bass player and I showed up and there were 25 black and
chrome Harleys in the parking lot and we said in unison, "Oooooh S**t". We
went in and lo and behold, there were only bikers and the bartender. We
decided to play the gig - we all needed the money - but not another soul
came in all night. I noticed this one greasy type drooling on a harmonica
but I chose to ignore him. At some point their "leader" told me that his
buddy wanted to play harp. I said, "yeah, sure, man". An hour went by and
the "leader" approached me again and said, "Fat Freddy wants to play
harmonica" and I replied "We're about to do a song" and he said menacingly,
"Next song!". So Fat Freddy got up on stage, drooled on his harp, dribbled
on my mic and while stumbling around, knocked my amp off the stage. Anyway,
it was *not* a good time had by all, but we did get paid.

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