I was surprised to get a call at work from Peter MadCat Ruth. He
    wanted me to inform the Columbus area harpers that MadCat and Kane
    will be featured on WCBE-FM radio (90.5) Sunday, November 13, 1994
    at 8:00 P.M. The program is called "Blues Stage" and airs weekly 
    featuring live recorded blues shows from around the country. So if
    you're in the Columbus area tune in 90.5 Sunday, Nov.13, 1994 at 
    8:00 P.M. --- If you're not in Columbus -- fret not! This taped  
    program is going out to 200 NPR (National Public Radio) stations on
    Nov. 12th. If they choose to play it (and most will thinks I) it 
    should air sometime during that week (Nov. 12 - 20). So call your
    local NPR station and find out when "Blues Stage" airs in your area.
    Oh, BTW, MadCat tells me there will be some Charlie Musselwhite cuts 
    on the program too. Check your local station for air time and tune 
    in for some great harpin'.
         Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --New Addr--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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