harp brands, old subject ~8-)

i know this is an old subject, i hope you all will excuse me for
bringing it up ones more.

i have been playing the harp for a couple of months, i was in the
beginning rather proud to be able to bend some notes after just a
couple of days. but i seem to stop there! i cant control it (i know,
practise...) and i feel a lack of air.

i got a Hohner's Blues Harp (key of A, 'cause i felt this should be
good for blues). 

well, i got all the old mailing list (5.5 MB) and been browsing for
some time now, and discovered that most people who have tried an
Oscar Lee feels this is a good harp. About the Hohner harps, the
feelings seem to be a bit more divided. some say the blues harp
stinks, some that its good and easy. some say that oscar lee is easier
to bend and demands less air. 

because of my lack of air and problems with bendings, i think i should
try another harp. it will be in a higher key, probobly C, and some
that is easy to bend (if there is such harps), but it should of coarse
sound good. this i have to work out myself, but i'm sure all of you
out there have your own opinion, and i would be very happy if you
would share it with me...

if you like to, answer to me only. the list-people maybe tired of this

in bad spellllllingfdfb, but readable!?
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