Re: Club owners

>:there. I'll work for less money from a non-jerk. Currently, my band is
>:playing in this tiny club regularly that we probably wouldn't play in,
>:except the managers are Grade A folks. That means a lot.
>I'll second that. We do the same thing. People tell me, "I'll never play at
>___________". What they don't realize is that where they are playing they
>get OK pay, but treated like shit. We play fro a regular crowd at a small
>greasy bar. It doesn't pay much but fun there is with a capitol F. My last
>band bitched about playing there pretty much like the others I've talked to.
>The new band said on the first break, the first time we played there, "This
>is great, I hope you book us here all the time." I was kind of shocked, due
>to all the reaction I had gotten from other people. I kept saying,
>"Really?". It felt good.
>Tim Moody

        Would that greasy bar be "Rascals", by any chance?  Sorry I missed
your gig there a few weeks ago.  I had this killer cold that was just
kicking my butt, so I decided to lay low that night.  Anyway, please keep
me posted on your club dates!


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