Re: Worst Gig

On Thu, 3 Nov 1994, CATHI N., 5-9240 wrote:

> The worst gig I had to play -- man!  There are so many to choose from!
> But surely one of them was a wedding gig I did with my old man.  

> We arrived at the gig only to find no piano (the prof. "assumed" one would be
> there).  The three professors insisted on eating dinner (part of the deal, but
> not necessarily the first thing to be done) before setting up.  

	Both are what I would expext from profs.
> Things were lookin' okay there for awhile, but the gig wasn't exactly smokin'
> with trumpet and flute Chuck Berry solos.  Nevertheless, we had that band
> teacher sweatin' bullets in about 30 minutes.  "You cats play like this ALL the
> time!?" he asked.  We hauled those dead-a_ _es through almost three hours of R
> & B and 

	Aye, there is a world of difference bewteen living the stuff and
academic knowledge. Yis indeed!	

> My old man and I were left to tear down the PA.  

	Well what would you expect? First off, you were only mere
mortals. Secondly, you blew them away with real, working talent!
It jus' don' do to show these guys up! I know, I've done it too often
at work. :-)

> How we ever got out of there without bruises is a mystery to me.  

	One of lifes little mysteries. I've (sadly) been there too. :-(

>And of course we never did get paid.

	And been there (we All have, I guess).
> I learned several lessons from that of which was...never get snowed
> by someone's credentials...and don't listen to mother!  Man....
> Cathi N.   

	And *DONT* hire stiffs!

(BOY, I really am going to get flamed for this one! Thats if my Prof
doesn't fire me first) :-(

I think a disclamier goes here this time.

So..   I do not speak for my employers at Bradford University.

 (I may never speake here again yet) :-)

Gordon (who laughs in the face of danger, but wonders if he can live on
the unemployment benefit money).

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