G Primich

Good show last night.  Best drummer I've seen in a very long time.  Make 
that more verys.  Good tight band long sets.  Gary Primich is an amazing 
chameleon of harmonica styles.  From Norton Buffalo and Lee Oskar to 
Sonny Boy ll and Jimmy reed with stops along the way at Walter Horton.  
For all you equipment geeks out there he played a Bassman re-issue (god 
knows what rectifier I was embarrassed to ask) through a stock JT-30 with 
no apparent effects.  No suspicious Jimmy's Case Co. boxes either.  
Guitar player played an Epiphone hollowbody through a silverface Super 
non-,aster model.  The Bass player used a lefty P-bass Fender through a 
Gailen Kreuger 150 (I think) and a homemade cab with an 18" JBL(that's a 
guess the dust cap was silver though)  The drummer played a small kit 
Remo tom and kick drum with a Slingerland snare and I believe a Premier 
floor tom.  A crash and a ride of undetermined origin and a high hat .  

Had enough?  I have.  I'm kind of teasing with this post.  The info's 
good though.  FJM

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