Re: Club owners

> **New topic of discussion**
> What was the worst gig you have ever had to play....

 Oh, baby. Hands down, it was the time I played in a roots rock band 
about 10 years ago, and agreed to play at a punk rock club (actually an 
old warehouse). The stage was about four feet off the ground and someone 
reached over with a Bic lighter and set my shoelaces on fire.
 That caused me to dive off the stage after him so I could flatten his 
face, an action which most club partrons just assumed was part of the show. 
people grabbed us before we could go at each other and I was, um, tossed 
back up on stage in time to grab my mic and blow out a solo. Then the 
song ended and I spouted off a rich string of obscenities through the 
mic...which again was mistaken for part of the show and which earned us 
rich applause.
 People kept spitting at us too. Later, I was told that they were 
"gobbing" and that this was a sign they liked us. This also caused me to 
give up playing in public for a while...

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