Re: Club owners

I kinda like playing in those small greasy joints. Those places where, as 
you walk in at seven to set up,  there  is some old unshaven skinny 
dude wearing an old matted fur jacket already passed out from drinking 
the on tap Cold Springs.  Yeah, i like it when I'm walking in and I make 
eye contact with this drunk guy sitting at the end of the bar.  He gives 
me this look up and down and then comments on my Rockports. "Nice Shoes" 
he says as he trys to keep himself from falling.  Yep that my kind of 
place a place where even the people have fleas from the owner's dog that 
lies behind the bar.

I dunno what it is that I like about it.  I think it's the people.  They 
seem more into the music.  They seem more appreciative. When one of those 
characters staggers up to me and says "you play a mean harp, man" as he 
slaps two bucks into your hand,  you have to know he means it.  It's just 
a wonderful feeling.  It's not just the people that frequent these places 
it has something to do with the owners too.  All they want to do is party 
and they don't care if they have to do it as a loss on occasion.

After I play a "dive" I never complain I just put my $18.00 in my pocket 
a go on my way feeling like I had done something good.

**New topic of discussion**
What was the worst gig you have ever had to play....

-Chris M  

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