Re: Club owners

  My band played at a club in Mt. Vernon, which is pretty well known.  
The first night there we pulled in a great crowd which pleased the owner 
to no end, and so he booked us again.  We told him that was great, but 
because his bands start so late (11pm and on), we wanted to be the first 
band so our friends didn't have to stay around so long.

  The next gig came around and we reminded the guy that we wanted to go on
first, but he knew the crowd was coming because of us and so he made us
wait until the last spot to maximize the money spent by our friends.  We
really depend on our friends coming to see us, and we don't want to use
our friends, so we were really angry at that owner and swore we wouldn't
play there again. 

  Around the same time, we had a small bar in Hastings that we played in 
which was absolutely fantastic.  The place fills up with people who 
always get into the groove of the music, which then just feeds energy 
back into us, and we play even harder.  Every time we played there, the 
music was just really "on" and made going through all the other crap 


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