Re: Club owners

:there. I'll work for less money from a non-jerk. Currently, my band is 
:playing in this tiny club regularly that we probably wouldn't play in, 
:except the managers are Grade A folks. That means a lot.

I'll second that. We do the same thing. People tell me, "I'll never play at
___________". What they don't realize is that where they are playing they
get OK pay, but treated like shit. We play fro a regular crowd at a small
greasy bar. It doesn't pay much but fun there is with a capitol F. My last
band bitched about playing there pretty much like the others I've talked to.
The new band said on the first break, the first time we played there, "This
is great, I hope you book us here all the time." I was kind of shocked, due
to all the reaction I had gotten from other people. I kept saying,
"Really?". It felt good.

Tim Moody

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