Bass Mic in Taiwan

     I went from Manila (my home) to Taiwan last Sunday for a one-day 
     harmonica competition sponsored by a two-year-old harmonica 
     association there.  While there, I saw an interesting bass harmonica 
     mike setup worth passing along.
     Someone took a thin plywood board (1/8") cut slightly smaller than the 
     back of a bass harmonica and covered it with cloth.  Then four 
     lavalier mikes were strung along the board, held into place by tape.  
     All four cords ran into an on-off switch (probably also carrying a 
     battery).  From the switch ran one cord to the mixing board.  The mike 
     was convenient to attach to the back of the harmonica, via velcro 
     Great sound -- full and rich, without mike noises when moving around.  
     It seems to be the best setup I've seen for bass.  Unfortunately, I 
     had only a moment to look at it, before it was packed away.  However, 
     I can probably get more details through correspondence with my new 
     Taiwan acquaintances, if anyone is interested.

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