First post, some questions

Greetings! This is my first post to Harp-L. I started the subscription
several months ago for the harp player in a band I have since left. I play
bass and guitar. Over the months I've gradually gotten sucked in myself and
feel it's probably too late to STOP NOW! :-). This list is interesting for
non-players! I've already purchased four harps of different brands in
different keys.  I spoke to Kevin of Kevin's Harps and he's sending me a
video by Gindig (sp?) to get started.

My interest is mainly blues harp, but I'm kinda attracted to the harmonica
as a thing in itself. I'd like to try a variety of styles. I've got a couple
of questions which I'm not completely sure on (I've done considerable
reading in the archives). I'm leaning toward a JT-30 microphone. My
understanding is that impedance matching is not an issue when plugging into
a guitar amp with this mic. I have a '59 Bassman RI and the input impedance
is specified as 1M Ohms for channel 1 and 136K Ohms for channel 2. If I'm
reading the list right, I should be able to just plug into channel 1 and it
will sound great.  Is this true (yeah, I know my technique will have
*something* to do with the sound)?  Also, I tried a 5U4G tube rectifier in
the amp and didn't like the loose bottom for my guitar.  The solid-state
rectifier, though, is probably not going to provide enough sag for harp.
Does anyone have experience with a 5AR4--and if so, do you know a source for
them.  I've been unable to find 5AR4's from my regular mail order

I guess this is long enough already. Thanks everyone for making this such a
great resource for players of all levels.


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