RE: A fine gig

> 	The Didgeriblues couldn't be a sly reference to a Didgeridoo could it?

Speaking about digeridoos. I saw a guy in Brussels once who was playing a
digeridoo together with a rock and roll band (as an invited act in their perfor-
mance). I was completely flabbergasted by the impressive result, whereas a girl
who was sitting next to me asked me ``what that guy with the tube was doing there
anyway.'' Speaking about musical tastes.

The digeridoo appeared to be tuned in D (I didn't know they came in keys). Unfor-
tunately I did not have my D or A  harmonica with me at the time, otherwise we
could have had a jam with digeridoo and harmonica. Apparently people are doing it
already? Is that available on CD?

Bart de Boer

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