Just returned from a great Halloween Night Blue Shows at the Improv in Brea
featuring Steamin' Stan Ruffo and The Improv Blues Band.  Stan, of Visalia,
CA, received a very favorable review on his CD in the latest issue of
Harmonica World (England) by Steve Jennings.  (Stan had not yet seen the
review, so I took him a copy, for which he sends his personal thanks to you,
Steve.  You can expect to hear from him soon.)  He played many of the tunes
from the CD to a very receptive blues audience.  The Improve (world famous
comedy venue) "kicks off a series of concert events featuring some of the
country's hottest up and coming musical artists.  The Premier Concert begins
with world reknowned blues artist, Steamin' Stan Ruffo!".  In addition to
playing Lee Oskar diatonics, Stan also plays a mean tenor sax on such tunes
as James Brown's "I Feel Good" and Jones/DePaul/Raye's "Your Red Wagon".  His
encore featured 64 chromatic on "Shake, Rattle & Roll", making use of the
wireless mic system to stroll and sit among the audience for a rousing
finish.  Again - a great show.

Last minute TV announcement - Brody Buster will be featured on CNN New
Entertainment segment on Tuesday, Nov 1, at 2:30 PM, 9:00 PM, and again at
1:00 AM Wed, Nov 2, or whatever times that segment happens to be shown in
your local areas.  Watch for him - I told him I would post it on Harp-L for
him tonight.

Catch you later - Danny Wilson (BassHarp)

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