A fine gig

Neal Pattman played his first European gig last night in Dublin. And
Brendan Power opened.

Pattman's set was fine down-home, Sonny Terry lives, stuff. Power opened
with "Spaceharp" (uggh), continued with "The Jolly Beggarman" (yum, yum),
"My Lagan Love" (licks lips with delight), "Jig Jazz" (don't ask) and
"Didgeriblues" (if you don't get it straight away, you never will). All
were played solo except for his last one, "Chopped-up Onion Blues", about
getting the blues when you need them.

I was surprised by the amount of electronics he used. Does anyone out
there know what sort of kit he uses?

Ahmet Ertegun introduced the former secretary of state to 'my friend' 
Wilson Pickett, then on probation for taking a loaded shotgun into a
	'Henry Kissinger, my man,' said Pickett, hugging him.
	'Mr Pickett, a pleasure,' said Kissinger.
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