Hello harp fans,
		In my new *official* :-) post as interface beteween the
accordion\freed reed list and harp-l list, I bounced a message to the
harp list today.

A person on the accordion list asked how harpers bent notes etc.
Last week I posted them a simple overveiw of what is entailed in bending,
with some related info. The person asking the question obviously missed
my post.

Wolud someone be good enough to reply to the *ACCORDION* list on 
our behalf please?

I ask because I do not feel best qualified to give an in-depth
explination about bending.

I bounced the message to HARP-L rather than saving, putting a header on,
and repostion to HARP-L as I am really short on time just now. 

It's the final year projects time at our university, and I'm more busy
trying to sort out mu students "last push up" problems than I would like.

In fact, unless folks object, I will just repost stuff without comment,
hoping someone online here can answer the questions for them.

I'm assuming that this does not cause any other problems (ha, ha. ha)
but it would be nice if anyone answering, questions from the accordion 
list, would post to that address rather than to me.

Is this all right everyone? Chris?

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