Possibly not so quick & easy harp questions

	Ok, after buying Marine Bands in various keys (A,E,D), 
I've noticed that the responsiveness isn't very consistent, even the 
attachment of the coverplate varies quite a bit...  I got my first Kevins 
Harps catalog in the mail, and read the little Lee Oscar bit about 
repair, and have some quick questions.  I don't have a repair kit, but I 
do have various dental picks, small metal files (Round, Half-round, flat 
triangle, etc..), and an old Huang to experiment on.  To change the 
offset, I merely bent the reed a wee bit, and it played much better.  I 
just can't believe that you're supposed to simply bend the reed, the reed 
metal has a fair "memory", and it seems like it would just weaken it.
	The coverplate problem is interesting...  The groove down the 
front edge of the harp, top and bottom, seems to be intended to hold the 
coverplate, yet only on one of my harps does nearly all of the coverplate 
lie in the groove.  The ones which leave too much reed plate exposed also 
cut my lower lip.
	If you're still with me oh patient harp-L'ers, I'll venture on 
into brand/model differences.  I started on a Special 20 in A, because 
the blues harp looked cheesy, and the guy at the store recommended it.  I 
liked it a lot, bent it pretty easily, and was happy with the sound, 
especially after I bent the "venting" of the coverplate down to touch the 
comb, a real throaty sound.  My Marine Bands seem bright, almost tinny, 
and not nearly as responsive.
	I looked through Kev's harp catalog and saw the Suzuki Pro(Which 
I've heard a little bit about on the list), the Meisterklasse and Cross 
Harp, and I've yet to try a Golden melody, I _really_ get frustrated 
about this non-returning thing, coming from "try it for hours before you 
buy it" guitar world...
	I won't start on Chromatics, but if people feel like commenting 
on their favorite one, feel free.
	Thanks, thanks, thanks

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