Re: Free Copy of Newsletter

> If anyone out there is a top professional harmonicists, harmonica educator,
> or musical educator, please send me your mailing address so I can send you a
> complimentary copy of my Spring 94 and Summer 94 newsletter called "The
> Harmonica Educator."  

	I'd love to receive a copy of "The Harmonica Educator.
Although I am not yet a "professional" harmonica player, I aspire to become
one.  Nor am I a music educator.  If you're looking to limit the number of 
copies you send out, I'll understand if I don't get one.  Thanks for 
the offer.

	By the way, if you are a harmonica educator, can you suggest a 
good instructional book (and accompanying tape or CD) for an 
intermediate level blues harmonica player?  Any advice would be greatly

Thanks again,

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