Free Copy of Newsletter

If anyone out there is a top professional harmonicists, harmonica educator,
or musical educator, please send me your mailing address so I can send you a
complimentary copy of my Spring 94 and Summer 94 newsletter called "The
Harmonica Educator."  I am looking for articles to be included in future
issues of the newsletter for harmonica education, harmonica teaching and
learning for all levels of harmonica playing proficiency (e.g., beginning,
intermediate, advanced, master level) for the chromatic, bass, chord,
diatonic, and blues harmonicas.  The Summer 94 issue has been completely
changed from the Spring issue due to the suggestions from my friends and
readers.  As soon as I get clearance to reprint some articles  and pictures
from some books, I will send out the Summer 94 issue.   I am already working
on the Fall issue of The Harmonica Educator Newsletter, and I would like to
add some articles from various people on a wide range of topics dealing with
harmonica educatoin, harmonica teaching and learning.

Richard Martin
Editor, The Harmonica Educator 

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