mics for sale


I have too many mics and I'm getting rid of a couple of them:

---ASTATIC JT-30: This is the beautiful "old style" bullet,
in the classic crinkle "hammertone gray" and a chrome grill.
Has the old-style screw-on connector (Kevin's Harps sells
adapters so you can use guitar cables). It has a couple of
minor paint chips (I've covered the mic with a clear finish
to prevent further chipping) and a scratch on the connector,
but it works fine. HOWEVER, it *does* have a relatively new
mic element in it - not the original element. A beautiful
mic and it sounds good.

--TURNER MIC: This is the one with the cool "Buck Rogers"
crest and a small swivel connector. Has some rust on the chrome
but it looks OK and works fine. Also uses the screw-on cable
connector. AGAIN, I had to replace the element with an Astatic
element after the original one blew up (actually, it was blown
up when I bought it). Sounds great, looks cool.

PRICES: $55 for the Astatic, $45 for the Turner. I've used
both of these mics on stage. Prices include shipping.
Send mail to randyl@xxxxxxxxxx (*NOT* to the mailing list) or
call me nights at 703-522-2155.

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