Re: Breaking in revisited

>Hope you guys and gals will offer your own opinions here, because I HATE 
>buying harps I can't play because they are junk and can't be returned-that 
>old hygiene cop-out. I took the last Suzuki back to the store where I had 
>bought lots of stuff over the years. It had a bad reed, which was 
>instantly apparent, but only on a bend. The dude with the Metallica 
>T-shirt took out that bellows thing and began to test it. I said: "It 
>won't bend. You can't test it with that thing." He handed it to me, as if 
>he expected me to demonstrate. I said, "Hell, Man, I just told you it's 
>defective. I ain't gonna play you no bad harp blues! Either you give me my 
>money back or lose my business." He went for the manager. I told the 
>manager the same. He gave me my money back.

OK, opinion. I love my Suzuki Pro harps (play mostly celtic, folk, 
very few bends). They play nice, are comfortable to hold and on the
lips, and the chrome plating seems to last forever. Not so my
Hohners. The cheap suzukis are crap, like to slice and diced my
lips until I cleaned up the reed plate.

As for Suzukis, my local harp dealer says Suzuki has a satisfaction
guarantee (90 days I believe) for the Pro harps. Even if you don't
like how it plays they will swap it. I have excerised this with a
non-bendable 4 hole (after break-in for 2 months). Swap no problem
the dealer sends the rejects back to the factory.

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