Break-in, Harp QC, rev...

Hey Tedster -

>My nine year old daughter loved 
>it, nevertheless. She's not as finicky as her old Dad.

Neither is my 3 year old on a Hohner Bluesband ($3)

>....raise a deafening clamour...

Yep, that's her. 8)

> Lee Oscar could 
>go a step further and offer just draw plates. The blows never seem to go.  

Replacing single reeds means you have to have the right rivet gun and the
right tools and more than a few corpses laying around to scrounge parts. 
Gardener, Filisko, Peetros and those folks who either make a living at this
or have been doing it so long they can't stop -- they probably have all the
tools (and corpses) you could ever dream of and probably don't even need,
but are pretty cool to wave around when people come to the shop, etc. 
Someone wrote me lately and confirmed that all harpers are tightwads, so I
quess we all end up getting tools and tweek, file, fix as much as we can
until a reed blows, and then it's replace the harp or send to the repair
gods, and then only if it's a chromatic.
Hey Little Stevie -

> (I'm keeping the G. I've been fooling around with it and I like it).

Groove-tones - I tol' ya !!!   8^]

>which brings up another 
>question - waht is the difference between the 64 and the Super 64?

On p. 32 of Cool Kevin's Catalog it says the "64" has 16 holes, 64 reed;
the "Super 64" has 16 holes, 48 reeds (4 per- vs. 3 per-hole. Both plastic
comb, both equal/tempered/concert pitch, both 7 1/4".  The "super" has the
round holes split in half (top and bottom), does the regular have square
holes?  Sorry it's not a complete answer, like I said, I'm only a sporadic
chromatic kinda guy (got an old Super 270 12 holer where the button fell
off -- I think overblowing and tongue-blocking at the same time on a
diatonic probably hurts less ;). I'm sure the pros will pipe in this
week-end if they're not on the boat catchin' fish, catchin heck. or
straining their harp playin' arms doin' 12 oz. curls or some such nonsense
:-}  Gotta go. Have a good week-end to all !!

Harvey A. Andruss, III                  email: haandruss@xxxxxxx

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